Women's Wednesday - On A Tuesday - Camp and Furnace

Women's Wednesday
On A Tuesday

@ Furnace

Tuesday 15th February 2022

6.30pm - 12.00am

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Women’s Wednesday… on a Tuesday! Female-founded events, creating a safe space for women, LGBTQ+ & Non-Binary community, so we can all have a boogie without a worry!

Tuesday 15th February marks singles awareness day, BUT instead of of crying over being single and feeling sorry for ourselves, we are celebrating! What are we celebrating? YOU!! We are celebrating your individuality, your power and determination. Come join us, and surround yourself with the most amazing people you will ever meet!
We will be joined by the most INCREDIBLE female line up, including:
Girls Don’t Sync

Most importantly, £1 from each ticket purchased will be going towards a charity of your choice! So come down and dance for a good cause!