Marvel Quiz - Camp and Furnace

Marvel Quiz

@ Furnace

Saturday 15th January 2022

6.00pm - 11.30pm

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With a great quiz, comes great responsibility! Avengers…assemble! This quiz is inevitable.

Welcome to Liverpool’s ultimate Marvel Quiz. Get ready to test your knowledge and know-how, round to round, from heroes to villains, cinema to soundtracks and actors to awards.

Are you worthy? This will be a Phase 1 -3 Marvel Cinematic Universe quiz. Calling all Puny Gods, Gamorons, Friends From Work and Winter Soldiers!

14 years, 24 films and billions of dollars later, it’s about time we celebrated the Marvel phenomenon! How well do you know the films? Have you watched them back-to-back? Can you recite the scripts? Do you know every actor by name? Recognise the costumes, the sets and the soundtracks? Be prepared for questions harder than Thor’s Hammer, as we take you from the beginning of Iron Man right through to Far From Home and everything in between.

Are you the biggest fan? Do you have what it takes to win 1st PRIZE? Expect loads of big bonus rounds, Marvel moments & tonnes of chances to win throughout the night!