The Untold Orchestra - Amy Winehouse - Camp and Furnace

Amy Winehouse
An Orchestral Rendition

@ Furnace

Saturday 29th January 2022

8.00pm - 12.00am

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The Untold Orchestra presents… Amy Winehouse: An Orchestral Rendition ft. Special Guest Singers Live @ Camp and Furnace.

The Untold Orchestra are thrilled to be back at Camp and Furnace, in Liverpool, with their live performance of ‘Amy Winehouse: An Orchestral Rendition’, an evening celebrating one of the most iconic and legendary artists of our time.

Joined by special guest singers, the Untold Orchestra will perform their renditions of some of Amy’s Greatest Songs, as you’ve never heard them before!

Both the orchestra and the venue have been working hard to prioritise safety for patrons, players and staff, whilst being able to deliver a night of high quality live entertainment.